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Rules of the Park


Park Etiquette Enjoy our garden, but please respect our rules.

We have established a Garden Etiquette for the safety of our visitors and to provide a tranquil garden experience for everyone while visiting Westchester’s Public Garden.
We reserve the right to deny entry or remove visitor(s) who do not follow our etiquette.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your visit.

Do stay on the paths and open lawn areas.
Do observe, watch, and enjoy the gardens.
Do follow instructions from Parks staff.
Do supervise children.
Do use quiet voices in all garden areas.
Do recycle in provided containers.
Do carry out what you bring in.
Do share your positive experience with friends and/or using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @lasdon_park and #mywestchester
Do register for a photography permit.
Do park in designated areas only.

Do not bring pets. (Animals are not allowed to stay in unattended vehicles.)
Do not ride bikes, scooters, tricycles, toy car, skateboards, hover boards.
Do not play ball.
Do not fly drones or kites.
Do not climb trees or statues.
Do not pick flowers or plants.
Do not put anything in, swim or drink water in fountains.
Do not smoke or vape.
Do not
Do not bring alcoholic beverages.