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American Chestnut Grove

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Lasdon is vital to research in both the local and national arenas as well, particularly chestnut tree research. Since 1992, when a three-acre grove of rare American chestnut trees was discovered in the arboretum, Westchester County has been working with the American Chestnut Foundation to develop a disease-resistant form of this tree. In conjunction with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Forest Service, Lasdon is also the first site in the lower Hudson Valley for butternut tree research.

Chinese Friendship Garden


In 1997 the County became a sister city with Jinzhou in China. A Chinese delegation came to the park and lived here that summer to construct an ornate pavilion and along with the help of the Parks Department, developed a garden surrounding the pond near the western end of the park. While the pavilion is quite aesthetic it is challenged by climate. Every 5 years or so we must restore much of the paint and wood work at the pavilion.

Historic Tree Walk

Tour the Park

When you aim your smart phone at the icon shown at left will be visible at each stop on the Lasdon Historical Tree Walk. You can access information about each of the historical trees you encounter. Some interesting tips and techniques about each tree will be available as well as growing features to enhance your walk.

Lasdon Lilac Collection


Dr. Craig Hibben, a founding member of the Friends of Lasdon Park and Arboretum and former plant pathologist at the New York Brooklyn Botanic Garden Research Station, designed and helped plant one of the largest collections of lilac in Westchester County. Over 90 species are planted here and every May the walk is full of fragrant purple, white and rose blooms.

Dinosaur Garden (seasonal)

Tour the Park

Visit our popular dinosaur garden, there you can use your smart phone to scan the Zappar codes on each sign. Meet Lexi the T-Rexy who will give fun facts about dinosaurs. When you’re done, take a photo with Lexi and and post it at #LexiatLasdon!

Lasdon Memorial Garden


In 2001 Nan Laitman, daughter of William and Mildred Lasdon, donated a 1-acre memorial garden for her parents. This beautiful garden is often used as a background for many formal photographs including wedding photos. The garden is composed of three separate gardens; a fragrance garden, a synoptic shrub border, and a formal garden.  The circles  are planted  with colorful, seasonal floral displays of spring tulips, summer annuals, and fall mums.

Trail of Honor


The Veterans Memorial is a pathway, known as The Trail of Honor, and is dedicated to the veterans of Westchester County, from The American Revolution to Desert Storm. On this trail you will walk among the natural surroundings and wildlife featured in Lasdon Park as you journey through our nation’s past. At the entrance to the trail, you are welcomed by the flags of the six branches of the military: the Merchant Marines, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force, arranged by date of organization.

Monarch Meadow


Created in 2014 this Monarch Waystation at Lasdon Park will contribute to monarch conservation, an effort that will help assure the preservation of the species and the continuation of the spectacular monarch migration phenomenon. To help sustain monarch migration, researchers encourage everyone to plant more nectar sources and native milkweeds, which will also benefit other pollinators important for our ecosystem.